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Precision Black Orthotic Ready Made Orthotic ( PBlack )
Price : £65.00
The Precision Black Ready Made Foot Orthotic was designed by Podiatrists to cradle your foot. It's extended arch stabilises the midjoint of the foot as well as controlling the excess pronation of the rearfoot which can cause so many problems. Can help with Heel Pain, Knee Pain and Back Pain. Very thin and hard wearing..fits into most shoes.

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Why Choose Precision Black instead of another readymade/prefabricated Foot Orthotic?

 There are many readymade foot orthotics available in the market, so what makes the Precision Black a wise choice?

Unlike many of the prefabricated foot orthotics available, the Precision Black has been designed by Podiatrists.

The design involved a lot of research and this is what it involved:-

When you have a bespoke foot orthotic made, it requires an image or cast of your feet, either digital or made from plaster of paris, to be sent to a Laboratory. The Podiatrists at the Laboratory where we send all our electronic casts spent months analysing the thousands of casts sent to them over an 8 month period

They found that most of the casts belonged to people who had an average arch height, so not totally flat footed or very high arched.

They also looked at the prescriptions that were being received, which advises them how much control each person requires within their orthotic.

They then looked at what was already available and observed that many of the orthotics available had shallow heel cups (quite flat across the heel area). They knew from experience, that a deeper heel cup would provide better support and balance.

Many of the orthotics also had a set number of degrees of control built in which the Podiatrists established wasn’t always required and this could overcorrect the feet. Instead, they created a fuller, higher and extended arch, which would give users a better mid foot support and would provide greater control of excessive pronatory forces (to stop your feet rolling inward).

This is of particular benefit for runners, where the mid foot control is even more important.

So not only does the Precision Black cradle the feet and help with balance, it also helps stop the feet from rolling inward at both the ankle and mid part of the foot and it does this without over correcting.

The next thing the Podiatrists looked at was the materials that existing readymade foot orthotics were made of.  Most of these were soft, which doesn’t provide the level of control they wanted to achieve. They also tended to be really bulky, often making it difficult to fit into shoes.

Foot orthotics with soft materials can feel comfortable, but they compress and as time goes on don’t continue to keep your feet  supported.   Precision Black are made of a Nylon, which is flexible yet really robust and do keep the feet supported even after years of wear. This material is also very thin, making it much easier to fit into shoes.

 The sports edition, which is without a top cover, is not affected by water, so if you’re going places where your feet get wet, it won’t affect your Precision Black orthotics.

Precision Black Foot Orthotics …

·         Are comfortable

·         Support and cradle your feet

·        Are thin and easy to fit into shoes

·        Provide extra support along the arch, helping to stop excessive pronation

·        Are very hard wearing and will continue to support your feet

·        Sports edition is not affected by water

Your feet are the platform for your body.  Wearing Precision Black Orthotics supports your feet and can help to eliminate other areas of pain, in hips, knees and back.

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